You are loved: I want you to love yourself first

Self love.Contrary to popular belief, when I talk of love, I don’t think about hugs, kisses and sex. In my Universe, love starts from positivity and ends at gratitude with loads of affirmation filled in between. Today I will try to recalibrate your mindset to love yourself, in such a way that when you meet […]

Importance of Mediation – Full guide

MEDITATION IS A WAY OF LIFE  Let’s have a millennial to millennial talk. The term meditation can be procrastinative sometimes, as it is something out of your comfort zone and you might not recognize, how vital it is to be successful.  We tend to curb it, because of our conditioning, belief system, and self imposed […]

Vedas : A journal of universal secrets

We often look over our Ancient scriptures such as Vedas and treat our ancestors as mediaevals while they were actually genius. One such scripture which holds innumerable amount of cosmic secrets is Srimad Bhagvatam which contains almost all the crucial information which scientists have been researching after. From creation of universe to human evolution. Everything […]

12 Laws of the universe: Pathway to fulfillment and ecstasy

The introduction to the abstract of universal laws is the best thing to ever happen in my life. When understood properly and implemented, these laws can change your life too. Life is full of love, compassion, empathy, and divine bliss. Human species cooperate in such a complex and magnificent manner. It is all because of […]

Limit your time on screen and Improve your concentration

“Self-awareness is your only answer to improve concentration” Do you think you have short attention span? Do you find your brain hovering around in all directions during a lecture, while you study? This is a common and most asked problem that I encounter with people – How to study?. They lack concentration and their ability […]

Do you have the apt mindset to feel motivated?

“Find your why, motivation will follow you itself” Motivation in layman terms means ‘a reason for acting/behaving in a particular way’. Wait, what? Isn’t motivation about studying 12 hours a day, cracking UPSC, topping JEE exams and becoming the next Jeff Bezos? That’s one way of how motivation is sold to you, my infants. A […]

Hatha yoga

In this growing era, some unprecedented diseases have taken over our physical bodies, for which allopathy and naturopathy have no permanent cure. Here comes hatha yoga for the rescue of humanity from some of these deadly diseases using some simple laws of nature. Hatha yoga is a method of preparing the system for spiritual awakening […]

Heal yourself while you meditate to music

“music is one of the longest standing self-prescribed therapy in history” .   Meditation in itself is an elixir for your soul and when you combine it with music , it can have sanative effects on your overall being . I don’t have to emphasize on the fact that how important part music plays in my […]

100+ Supreme benefits of meditation. Walks to every desire.

          // Every benefit doesn’t have to be monetary : Meditation benefits your life // Have you ever questioned yourself why are you running after money while your mind is in turmoil ? Deep within , no matter how much instant gratification you seek, you know for a fact that your soul is not at peace […]

Effortless meditation: Guided meditation full guide

Healing starts with meditation Meditation , what kind of image does come to your mind when someone uses this word ? Sitting in complete silence , tormenting yourself to not think ? Perhaps , chanting some words and expecting a light to take over your brain , enlighten you with the supreme knowledge . What […]