Heal yourself while you meditate to music

“music is one of the longest standing self-prescribed therapy in history” .  

Meditation in itself is an elixir for your soul and when you combine it with music , it can have sanative effects on your overall being . I don’t have to emphasize on the fact that how important part music plays in my life and I am sure that music has had same spellbinding effects in your life as well . For me , music is my remedy and when I combine it with meditation i.e. when I meditate to music I transcend into a zone which is ecstatic and ever blissful . it is such an enchanting experience 

Why should one meditate to music ? 

Meditation and music goes hand in hand . Meditation is therapeutic and so is music , so why not have best of both the world ? I have enough scientific evidences and researches to back me up on this one because it is therapeutic. My personal experience can be counted in as well .  

Before we further dig deep into the intertwining of music and meditation , I would like to let you know about the different wavelength in which our brain travel . But brainwave and music , does it make any sense ? It surely does and as I tell you about it in depth you will get to know how crucial role music plays in determining the wavelength your brain travels into 

Brainwaves simplified :

As discussed above , in this section I will tell you different waves and keep it as simple as possible . Before I go ahead and tell you about different kind of brainwaves , it is pivotal for you to know what a brainwave is . Brainwaves are the communication between brains and neurons . Our brain functions on electrical signals and brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other . 

Music is collection of frequencies and those frequencies are waves as well . Quite often it is a common analogy to think of brainwaves as musical notes . Low frequency waves associate to bass while high frequency waves associate to a high pitched sound , such as of a bell . 

The dots are connecting ? Yes they surely are . I just explained how music and brainwaves are connected, like music is comprised of highs , mids and lows, so are brainwaves . In case of brainwaves , they are classified as – 

  • Delta Waves (1-3 Hz)
  • Theta Waves (4-8 Hz)
  • Alpha Waves (9-13 Hz)
  • Beta Waves (14-30 Hz)
  • Gamma Waves (30-70 Hz)

Did you notice I mentioned their range in brackets ? In simple terms Hz means cycle per second i.e. 8hz means there are 8 cycles / back and forth movement of vibrations in a second . This information will come in handy as I explain solfeggio frequencies in later part of this article . 

Lets get to know each brainwave in bit more depth and what effects do they have on our brain , shall we ? 

*Fun Fact : Each brainwave discussed above has a significant impact in your decision making and state of mind

What are Delta Waves ? 

Brain travels in this wavelength while you are asleep . Delta waves often associates with healing , a space of detachment and you may have 0 thoughts per minute . Yes , 0 thoughts because this brainwave has everything to do with sleep . 

What are Theta Waves ?

Theta waves have much to do with a deeper state of meditation , a state of bliss , this wavelength associates with intuition and all the past memories held up in one place by the unconscious mind . The thought rate per minute in this state of mind varies is around 10 thoughts per minute . 

What are Alpha Waves ?

Alpha is the state where our brain transcends into awareness . When you wake up from sleep , you feel relaxed , that’s an alpha state of wavelength your brain is in . But rather than being full awareness , this awareness is expanded awareness where our brain is relaxed . Creativity associates with alpha brainwaves . It is the alpha waves where you are able to harness your creative energies and harness them into the best possible way . You get your best ideas in this wavelength . The thought rate per minute can vary from 15-20 thoughts per minute 

What are Beta Waves ?

As I write this article and as you read it , we both are traversing in beta wavelength . Beta wavelength is associated with focus , concentration , alertness etc. An average person hangs around in Beta brainwaves for most of the times . You too , hang around in beta state of wavelength quite often because it involves almost all activities of your daily routine . The thoughts per minute in this brainwave could be as higher as 60 thoughts per minute . As if brain is raging with all sorts of thoughts . 

What are Gamma Waves ?

Gamma waves are the fastest brain frequencies which associates with peak performance , compassion and strong control on the self . You might hear of people getting into their zone where the work done with utmost concentration . These are the gamma waves which helps a person hit their zone and do the work in a super-efficient manner . Researches are still being done to actualise the full potential of gamma wavelength in human beings 

Now that you know all the wavelengths in which our brain can transcend into , it is crucial for you to know that through music , you can meditate to each wavelength and train your brain in a neuroplastic manner to your advantage . I will list down the advantages of meditating to different wavelengths so that you can reap the maximum fruits out of meditating with music 

Exploiting brainwaves to master our mind :

  • Delta Waves – Best to sleep and have a healing effect on body 
  • Theta Waves – Deeper meditative state which can be associated with bliss
  • Alpha Waves – The state of awareness and relaxation where you make best decisions 
  • Beta Waves  – A focused state of mind in which you generally are 
  • Gamma Waves – Very concentrated state associated with peak productivity

I just encapsulated brainwaves above and now I will move forward with explaining you solfeggio frequencies . I know what you are thinking, weren’t brainwaves enough ? You would be glad to know while brainwaves might serve different purposes , solfeggio frequencies are specifically meant to meditate to , YAY !

“If you want to find the secrets of universe , think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla 

Did you notice the term frequency there ? That’s what solfeggio frequencies are all about , discovering the secrets of universe by meditating to these vibrations . So what solfeggio frequencies actually are ?

Solfeggio refers to a scale which was used in ancient sacred music. The chants and their special tones have a very significant spiritual connection and blessings from the universe . These frequencies are the song of universe. Particular frequencies in solfeggio practise have particular healing effects and meditation goals. These are as following :

  • 174Hz – To calm you down and make you feel grounded and relaxed 
  • 285Hz – To train your imagination , visualize goals and revive memory of a joyous experience 
  • 396Hz – Helps you get rid of negative emotions , fear and guilt . Builds courage and helps you with tasks and responsibilities 
  • 417Hz – To build a positive mindset and leave past trauma behind 
  • 528Hz – This is the frequency of love , compassion and self care 
  • 639Hz – To build gratitude , love for others and strengthen relationships with people 
  • 741Hz – To awaken your natural instincts , strengthening intuition and detoxification of body
  • 852Hz – To believe in a positive future , building stability , inner strength 
  • 963Hz – To concentrate on your third eye , fix your inner mechanism of body and harnessing energy 

So , now that you know which frequency helps you with which aspect of life , you can choose one and meditate to it . There are plethora of frequency videos on YouTube to start from . 

So far we have covered brainwaves and solfeggio frequencies. What’s next ? Next up is bija mantras and significance of ‘aum’ in meditation . Mantras are musical and the purest syllables in universe, now we will know mantras in bit more depth now 

What exactly are Bija mantras ? 

Bija or beej is a Sanskrit term which means seed and bija mantras are one syllable seed sounds. However these mere definition trivialise the significance of beja mantras. These mantras are present in the whole universe . They contain yogic and tantric sound patterns . The mantras are divine and hold the power to help you discover the real marvels of your inner self 

Significance of chanting aum while meditating :

To understand why aum/aum is the word of significance I want you to do an activity . Keep your tongue still and try to utter sounds without using your tongue . The only sounds you would be able to make are – aa , uu and mm . With the mixing of these three sounds you are able to create million other sounds .When you combine three basic colours red, blue and green, it produces other colour. In a similar manner aum is combination of these three sounds – ‘aa, uu, mm’ and universe resonates with aum . In Hindu mythology ‘aa’ denotes ‘Vishnu’, ‘uu’ denotes ‘Brahma’ and ‘mm’ denotes ‘Shiva’ . Aum is the ultimate syllable , the purest sound . 

Now you would know why mantras commence with aum and why mantras are so powerful 

Music is the closest thing to meditation and when you combine them both , you are surely off to a majestic journey towards self-discovery . May the divine powers bless you  

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