What is emotional intelligence?

If you get a chance to read somebody’s mind, who would it be? Do you know how to control your emotions whenever needed? Are you interested in being self aware? Do you want to increase your social skills?

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How to heal yourselves?

Do you ever wonder, what if we never get sick, and work with our full efficiency, without making any excuses. Yes it is possible, by healing ourselves we can eliminate the risk of all the unwanted things from our lives. But problems comes when we don’t try and under estimate and demean ourselves.

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What is your life’s purpose?

There are some people who have a specific talent that is so extreme that is easy to detect like they are truly ‘made’ to do it. For rest of us, determining what we were ‘made to do’ can be little bit less obvious.

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What is MEDITATION? How can we make it not boring?

Since my childhood I had a notion that meditation is really boring.

Sitting with your back straight, holding  hands in a  certain position with particular fingers touching particular points together and closing your eyes even when after every 2 second you want to open them, and all the redundant thoughts coming to mind instead of peace, contentment, and satisfaction.

Agh! It just sounds like a task, which my mind forced me to do because of its ample benefits but heart was resisting.

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