100+ Supreme benefits of meditation. Walks to every desire.


 // Every benefit doesn’t have to be monetary : Meditation benefits your life //

Have you ever questioned yourself why are you running after money while your mind is in turmoil ? Deep within , no matter how much instant gratification you seek, you know for a fact that your soul is not at peace . You get a momentary hit of pleasure but the pain that comes after it cripples you within . Or perhaps , you have friends , family , a secure job , but you crave a deeper meaning to life . 

You don’t live to merely exist, you have a chasmic purpose :

Meditation is the answer to all the self-doubts I discussed above . Why do I say it ? Because meditation has brought me tranquillity that I was demanding for ages. I tried almost everything to fill the void I have in my life but the efforts were futile . The same has happened with you and I’m pretty sure about it . You tried every possible escape but that didn’t bring you calm and that’s why you are here . 

First of all I’d take a moment to congratulate you because you are taking active measures to live a life of meaning. I say it with confidence because you are self aware. You have already developed a conscience to change your life for good . I love you for that .

Nothing worth having comes easy : 

Before you begin a life changing journey from now onwards , don’t expect any miracle in just one single day . It takes 66 days to develop a habit scientifically. Hence , I urge you to be patient and to go easy on yourself . There would be days filled with frustration but thereafter you will have an eternity of true happiness 

A general question striking your mind would be , is meditation actually beneficial ? Believe me on this one , YES IT IS . I will list down a few and you can decide for yourself .

Physiological benefits :

  • It increases blood flow rate 
  • Enhances the immune system 
  • Reduces activity of viruses 
  • A cure for people with high blood pressure 
  • Helps slowing down the aging process 
  • Helps with weight loss 
  • Drastically boosts your energy and strength 
  • Beneficial in weight reduction 
  • Cure headaches and migrane 

Psychological benefits :

  • Fills you with self confidence – Research has clearly shown that people who meditate have no doubts about their life . They live life for what it is 
  • Makes you emotionally stable – We all crave emotional stability , don’t we ? Meditation helps you get a hold on your emotions 
  • Helps you ignore trivial issues – Gone will be the days when every petty thing concerns you . You will be able to channelize your energies to issues that actually demand your attention 
  • Helps you reckon the large picture of a given situation –Impulsive decisions become a cause of regret later . Meditation , gives you perspective so you can analyse circumstances logically and make a sane decision 
  • Beneficial for social anxiety – My lovelies , social anxiety comes to you because of self doubt. Meditation helps you overcome self doubt and hence social anxiety as well 
  • Cures depression – Backed by research of Harvard and other credible universities, meditation proves to be a practise of ultimate help to people with depression.
  • Increases creativity – Famous personalities such as Bill Gates , Will Smith , Kobe Bryant meditate. That’s one reason why they dominate in their respective creative spaces   
  • Makes you intuitive – Developing an intuition is something that I have benefited from personally. I can tell you meditation has played a crucial role in the same 
  • Increases your serotonin level , a hormone responsible to make you feel happy 
  • You feel rejuvenated – One session of meditation fills you with enough radiance to vibrate through the whole day 
  • Helps you tackle complex and stressful situations with ease – With perspective , you are able to sail through stressful situations effortlessly 
  • Helps you overcome the regrets of past and anxiety of future – The magic of meditation is real. With the help of it , you are able to embrace your past with a pride.
  • You develop a greater tolerance – Tolerance is something we all lack these days . Meditation helps you build tolerance . 

Spiritual benefits :

  • Changes the notion of how you perceive life 
  • Gives you inner contentment 
  • Connects you with your higher self 
  • Helps you see things in perspective 
  • Makes you discover a life beyond ego and consciousness 
  • You develop wisdom 
  • Teaches you to live in present 

These are the basic benefits of getting started with meditation . if I were to write all the benefits , it would take forever .

 Lets take a deeper dive into the psychological benefits of meditation as it has rewired my brain completely since the day I became serious to find some unanswered questions of life , which , now that see it in perspective , I already had those answers but I wasn’t able to introspect . Trust me on this one , you have your answers . you just need perspective , self awareness and patience to find them like the way I did . 

Patience is golden :

You’ve all the time in world . Yes , you heard me right , even if you are 50 years old , you have got enough time in your hand and you are fairly young . To the one’s in their teenage – You are still an  infant . Life has so much to give it to you . 

Teenagers , this is for you : 

I know how it feels to be alone in a room full of familiar yet foreign faces. But its all your brain . They feel equally as alone as you do . The idea of perfect life sold to you by so called social media influencers is inducing you with all kinds of insecurity . You only get to see a glimpse of their life which is full of expensive resources , hot guys/girls and almost no problems . In your brain you tend to idolize them . Once , they have become you blindly follow , they sell you almost every senseless product to capitalise on your insecurities . How selfish is that ? 

To escape from the spiral of living a life based on comparison you have to introduce meditation to your life . It has been scientifically proven that meditative exercises helps you. It helps you with all these feelings which seem foreign and uneasy to you . An added advantage is that your focus improves as well ultimately helping you with studies .

Single form of meditation might not work for you :

After having a talk with plethora of people , I have come to an understanding that people have every sort of misconception about mediation that one can think of . I will not go deep into explaining you meditation. But meditation has far more depth to it than just sitting in one place and blocking your thoughts . More to it , there are numerous ways to practise meditation and not just sitting in a place chanting om 

Find out which form of meditation is propitious for you :

Different forms of meditation have different benefits and you will have to find it through hit and trial . Though , I will encapsulate a few with their benefits respectively 

  1. Mindfulness Meditation – Reduces fixation on negative emotion , improves memory , improves focus , helps you control emotional outbursts 
  2. Kundalini Meditation – Cures depression and anxiety , improves physical strength and reduces pain 
  3. Focused Meditation – improves concentration and is solely focused on improving your efficiency when you work 
  4. Loving kindness Meditation –  as the name suggests , this meditation helps you in letting go of unhappy and traumatic incidents that are budging you 
  5. Vipassana Meditation – this form of meditation helps you discover your true self. Embellish your life with peace and everlasting tranquillity ( keep in mind this is a harder form of meditation than others. However, the fruits of this practise are divine )
  6. Zen Meditation (zazen) – Helps focus on present moment and eases the pain of your suffering helping you focus on other aspects of life

I discussed several forms of meditation with their benefits above so now you can choose the one which fits your current lifestyle 

Before you get started with meditation , just know this :

A foundation of good home is built over years. So will be your journey to live a life connected to your higher self. To your true self . I can tell you from experience that giving up is the easiest thing to do , but if you are persistent in this pursuit ; you will discover real marvels for yourself . Each and every sensation I get after meditation cannot be articulated in words. For words , my experience would lose its purity .

The colossal ride that meditation has to offer you is inexplicable . The inability of words to express this scintillating experience is one reason why people give up on meditation easily. Whereas , the ones who have experienced this magic , aren’t just able to revert back to their old ways . I am one of those guys who is in a much better place. Gratitude for meditative practises that helped me solve my questions by myself.

Power of now

Now is the time to change your life for better , if you don’t change it for good , who else will do it for you ? World is a beautiful place and once you are instilled with the perspective of self awareness , compassion , love and discipline , life becomes a bliss . I wish you all the love and power essential to start this true journey of self discovery and reflection

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