Vedas : A journal of universal secrets

We often look over our Ancient scriptures such as Vedas and treat our ancestors as mediaevals while they were actually genius. One such scripture which holds innumerable amount of cosmic secrets is Srimad Bhagvatam which contains almost all the crucial information which scientists have been researching after. From creation of universe to human evolution. Everything in depth and crystal clear.

Universe and it’s manifestation :

A popular and widely accepted theory about the emergence of universe is big bang theory. Srimad Bhagvatam sheds light on creation of Universe as well. According to Srimad Bhagvatam one universal day/night is as long as 4,320,000,000 years. There are two types of recreation of Universe as stated i.e. Partial and Total. It takes 100 Universal days and nights for a Universe to re-emerge as the old one collapses.


Heirarchy of Planets :

‘Bhu’, the word means earth. Vedas states that Earth is located at Bhuloka level of Planetary system. There are 14 planetary sub divisions in our universe.

The theory of Space and time :

Time is beyond control and it is often said that if you can control time, you can control the whole cosmos. Time is a complex and intricate force which accounts for manifested and unmanifest matter.

Division of Yugas :

We’re well aware of the fact that we’re living in Kalyuga. ‘ Ghor Kalyug ‘. The concept of Yugas is derived from our Vedas as well and universe cycles itself in 4 Yugas

  • Satya Yug
  • Treta Yug
  • Dwapar Yug
  • Kal Yug

Consciousness and Cosmos :

Contrary to Darwinian Theory. Srimad Bhagvatam, states that all genetics evolve from a complex set of structure to a simple one, not vice versa. In Vedas, the evolution is emphasizes on consciousness than genetic structure. As humans evolve and become more conscious they sort their life and are well aware of the dangers present in world. The complexity in structure goes from higher to lower whereas consciousness goes from lower to higher. We’ve had canine teeths and our built is simpler than our ancestors. Adaptation and consciousness. Both have played their respective roles in moulding us into the beings we are.

The Universe isn’t Merely 3 Dimensional :

Just because humans can perceive 3 dimensions, it isn’t ought to be that there are not more dimensions. They’re out of our reckoning capacity. According to Vedas, there are 64 dimensions to Universe. Yoga is one such process to connect to more than 3 dimensions. There have always been stories about how Yogi’s have control over their body and can perform miracles. It’s because they’re in touch with other dimensions and energies of Universe which they’ve achieved through penance

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